Grid-Tie Solar Installations: Know Before You Buy

Grid-Tie Solar Installations: Know Before You Buy

Personalized Grid-Tie Solar Power Needs at Your Fingertips

Are you considering a grid-tie solar setup for your home? Although Solar Sporting Goods does not do these types of installations, here at The Solar Side, we still look after our solar inspired clients!

When was the last time you showed up at a car dealership with the intention to buy a car, and having zero preconceived notions of anticipated and realistic costs?

Never? Me either. 

Why should buying solar be any different?

One of the best independent sources of information to estimate the most appropriate size of your grid-tie solar array can be found at:

No fluff. No sales pitch.

You will get a true estimate based on your own home's electrical power usage, geographic location and tentative installation (rooftop vs. ground, tilt/angle, and so forth). You'll need your electrical bill with usage information to complete the estimates.

After running your estimate, this website will also refer you to local installers in your area whom you can choose to engage with for estimates, or not, at your own discretion.

Ready with solid information in advance, to include system size you need and a really good idea of true solar installation costs in your area, you can negotiate the best possible deal for a grid-tie solar installation.

Would you rather go completely off grid? Calculate your off grid solar power needs using our calculator, and check out our pre-designed off grid solar packages

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