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Humless HOME 6.5 Portable Solar Power Station | Off Grid Survival

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    Humless HOME 6.5 | Off Grid Survival | Solar Storage Solution


    The Humless Home 6.5 provides enough energy storage to power a tiny home or off grid cabin consistently when paired with solar and/or wind energy. The Home 6.5 features a 3kW inverter, built-in MPPT charge controller, battery management system, and LCD monitoring touch screen display. The Humless Home series has the ability to incorporate net metering, has software for peak load shifting, and is fully ready for grid tie backup, solar or wind charging. The system maximum PV (photovaltaic) input is 3000w.

    The Humless Home 6.5kWh of battery storage is ready to power critical loads for an extended period of time. This unit has a 3,000w (4,500w max) AC power output. With a recommended daily running load at 20A (25A nominal output) and the maximum inverter output current at 37.5A, there is plenty of juice for daily use of common appliances.

    We recommend adding between 6 to 12 solar panels, at 265w each, for between 1,590 - 3180 watts of solar power.




    Dimensions: 30.7" x 13.7" x 35.8"
    Weight: 353 lbs
    2,500 + cycles
    3000w (4500 peak output)

    Humless Home 6.5kWh Specs Sheet

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