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Wings of Life Emergency Preparedness Backpack | Off Grid Survival

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    Life Gear’s Wings of Life Emergency Preparedness Backpack

    All contents contained in a fully functional backpack designed for your complete ergonomic comfort with adjustable straps, multiple storage pockets and lightweight, water-resistant material. It’s comfortable enough to use in your everyday life, and with durable construction to guarantee long use, the Life Gear emergency kit will stay strong even through the toughest of conditions. Keep this survival kit in your home, office or car for earthquakes, hurricanes and other emergencies, or bring it along with you on hikes and camping trips for added peace of mind.

    • Water-resistant
    • Ergonomic design for children & adults
    • Includes first aid kit, emergency blanket, all-weather poncho, hygiene kit, multifunction tool with knife, writing pad & pen, signaling mirror & whistle, directional compass, magnifying glass, leather/cloth gloves, red emergency flasher, waterproof document bag & 3-day supply of food & water for 1 person per US Coast Guard recommendations