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GoSun Fusion Hybrid Solar Oven | Off Grid Survival Gear

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    Fusion Hybrid Solar Oven 

    The Fusion is the world's first portable, solar + electric oven to work off-grid. This versatile cooker is 5x more efficient than a traditional electric oven. The PowerBank enables solar or electric cooking in the dark so you remain off-grid.

    Instead of 1,500 Watts used by your toaster oven, the Fusion consumes 150 Watts, or 1/10th the power. Run side by side, with the same meal inside, the GoSun Fusion is off the charts when compared to the status quo.

    This ultra-efficient unit reduces power consumption in many ways -

    Reduce Weight - less power to fuel the oven, means less stuff to carry
    Retain Heat and Moisture - meals stay hot and juicy for hours thanks to vacuum insulation and high-temp. silicone seals
    Off-Grid - the Fusion can be powered by a PowerBank that fits in your pocket
    The new GOSUN Fusion Grill comes with the same 7 liter cooking capacity as the original GOSUN Grill, and does not require the use of cooking trays which took up extra space in the unit. The Fusion is truly the ultimate off grid cooking solution, now better than ever! 

    OPTIONAL ADD ON: GoSun 144wh Lithium Ion Portable Power Bank

    • Weight: 14 lb (6.2kg)
    • Max temperature: 550°F (290°C)
    • Feeds up to 6 people
    • Cooks at night, indoors, and under clouds