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Aspect Solar 1500W (12.8V 115AH) Lithium Portable Power Station Gas Free Generator-Batteries-AspectSolar-Solar Sporting Goods

Aspect Solar 1500W (12.8V 115AH) Lithium Portable Power Station Gas Free Generator


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Aspect Solar 1500WH (12.8V 115AH) Pure Sine Wave Off Grid Portable LiFePO4 (Lithium Ion) Power Supply with MPPT Inverter

DISCONTINUED:  Please check out our Humless line of Portable Solar Power Stations.  

The PoweRack 1500 provides enough off grid portable solar power for a small house. Excellent choice for emergency preparedness, tiny home and/or cabin use.  Think of it as a portable smaller version of the Tesla Power Wall. 

Power your lights, communication devices, appliances, and so much more. The AspectSolar PoweRack 1500 is the next generation of portable on-and-off grid technology-powerful enough to run 1500 watts of equipment. The PoweRack can be expanded using PoweRack 1500 expansion modules to double or tripple your power capacity. It can be connected to the grid and serve as an uninterruptible power supply at home or the office for power outs, or used entirely off grid.

The PoweRack 1500 combines Aspect Solar's advanced long-life LiFePO4 Green Battery technology with a compact and lightweight industrial design, allowing you to take 1500 watt hours of the sun’s energy with you anywhere you go.  Recharge the PoweRack 1500 from any source including the EP-60 solar panels.  

PR-1500 comes with a detachable 3 conductor cable approximately 6 ft. long for grid charging (120 VAC only).

Looking for the entire kit, including 180W solar panels, carrying case and connectors? Order the kit, plus an extra PoweRack and we will include the needed connector cables for free.

1 Year Warranty

PLEASE NOTE:  The PoweRack 1500 is considered a HAZMAT item and is restricted to ground shipping only.  Therefore, shipments outside the lower 48 continental U.S. entails a higher cost and longer than average shipping time.