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Xantrex 100W Solar Flex Portable Kit [783-0100-01] | Off Grid Survival

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    The Xantrex Solar 100W portable flex kit features an incredibly lightweight and compact solution. The panel is half the weight and a quarter the size of most 100W portable kits in the market today.

    The solar kit includes a 10A charge controller and system hardware that is designed as a plug-n-play charging solution. Users have the ability to connect to their batteries using ring terminals, battery clamps, or an SAE connector for pre-wired RV solar ports. The charge controller and adapter cables are stored in a built-in storage pouch. Adjustable tilting legs allow the user to orient their panels at the perfect angle towards the sun.

    These portable kits fold into an easy-to-store location and are designed as a plug-n-play solar charging solution ideal for applications where it may be impractical to have a permanently mounted solar panel.

    A 100W Output solar panel with 5 busbars and PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact) mono-crystalline cells - a special cell technology that increases module efficiency significantly over standard solar cells.

    10A Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) charge controller with LCD screen, 2 USB ports, multi-stage charge algorithm, charge protections and real time system indicator, to charge and protect your batteries.

    50% lighter and 25% the size of competing similar solar panels

    Battery Connections - Three ways to connect to your battery using a SAE connector, battery rings or battery clamps.

    Easy Storage and Carry - Incredibly lightweight and compact, easy to set-up, carry or store

    Tilting Legs - Equipped with tilting legs to allow you to angle the solar panel towards the sun and maximize solar energy harvesting.

    1 year product warranty