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Solpro Helios Smart Portable Solar Power Bank 5,000mAh

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Solpro Helios Smart Portable Solar Power Bank 5,000mAh 

The Solpro HELIOS SMART power bank is so smart that its algorithm can convert enough solar energy in 90 minutes to charge a standard smartphone!

The Solpro is enabled with three solar panels made from a high efficiency tri-fold solar panel array with an internal 5,000mAh battery.  The Helios embodies the Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology, or MPPT, which balances the input from the solar panels, and maximizes the power sent to the battery.  MPPT is especially important to have when you need to charge your mobile device on a cloudy day.  The solar charge indicator will glow orange when the panels are generating enough energy to charge the internal battery.  The brighter the orange, the stronger the charge.

The Solpro sports 2 USB outputs, 1A for smart phones and 2.1A for larger devices such as laptops or tablets.

The Solpro can also be charged via the device’s micro USB input port.

Get this Helios Smart solar power bank and get off the grid. All this lightweight black booster needs to keep your devices charged is a quick suntan.

Collects enough solar energy for 3x charge in 5 hours–6 hours

Dual USB ports charges 2 devices simultaneously

1 USB input

Ideal for charging smartphones, tablets & music players

Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology (MPPT) boosts charging performance even in less-than-ideal conditions

4.86W trifold solar array

High-quality Li-Poly battery

Power capacity: 18.5Wh (3.7V, 5,000mAh)

Weight: 4.8oz

Dim (closed): .8"H x 3.1"W x 5.1D"

Dim (open): .6"H x 11"W x 5.1D"

Includes charging cables

Black, White, or Orange