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AlpineAire Gluten Free All Natural Multi-Pack Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) Kits

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    3 Variety Pack Vegan MRE Kits

    Backpacking Foods and Backpacking Dinners at your service! Meals ready to eat (MRE) emergency essentials off grid survival food never tasted better. This MRE Kit has multiple servings of assorted freeze dried vegetarian vegan meals ready to eat. All natural ingredients. Take your survival prepping to the next level. Not just for camping, this MRE Kit is an excellent addition to your prepper supplies and prepper gear.

    Choose your MRE kit with 18 servings, 42 servings, or 84 servings.  Each kit comes with a combination of 3 AlpineAire gluten free, all natural minimally processed  vegetarian meals. Up to 5 year shelf life.

    Each kit includes a combination of the following AlpineAire freeze dried meals. Each individual package has 2 servings:

    • Sante Fe Black Beans and Rice
    • Mountain Chili
    • Rice & Bean Bowl with Vegetables

    FSA3 = 3 packages of each meal, 18 servings
    FSA7 = 7 packages of each meal, 42 servings

    • Great-tasting, nutritious meal is made from high-quality ingredients to fuel your adventure
    • Easy to prepare; just add hot water to the fill line without the need of a measuring cup
    • All-natural, gluten-free instant meal has no artificial colors, flavors, additives or preservatives
    • The AlpineAire Foods Santa Fe Black Beans & Rice has a 5+ year shelf life

    Made in USA.

    AlpineAire Black Santa Fe Beans and Rice Meals Ready to Eat MRE

    Alpine Aire Mountain Chili Meals Ready to Eat MRE


    Alpine Aire Rice and Beans with Vegetables Meals Ready to Eat MRE

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