Ghostek NRG Off Grid 8.8W Portable Solar Power Water-Resist Backpack

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Ghostek NRG Off Grid 8.8W Portable Solar Power Water-resistent Backpack

Travel off grid with ease.  The innovative Ghostek NRG 8.8W Portable Solar Power Water-resistant Backpack fits notebooks up to 15.6", with spacious 40L capacity, internal built-in 16,000mAh lithium ion battery, and 8.8W solar panel charger.

Monocrystalline solar panel efficiency rating of 21%, or higher under optimal sunlight conditions.

Made from premium durable water-resistant polyester, this backpack has 5 USB ports for total flexibility - 2 on the solar panel, 2 inside the backpack, and 1 external to the backpack, as well as an intelligent power led indicator.

15.6" laptop compartment.

USB outputs are 5V/2A (for laptops) and 5V/1A (for smaller devices).

Includes Micro USB Cable.


1-year warranty.