Home Power Mini 1.5kW Portable Power Station | Off Grid Survival

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Humless Home Power Mini 1.5kW Portable Silent Generator | Off Grid Survival | Solar Storage

Big in solar power storage, not in size.

Be prepared for a power outage at any time with 1.5kW backup silent, portable generator with this industry leading LiFe battery that you can count on. Get your home, cabin and RV ready with this mid-sized solar portable power station energy backup.  Excellent choice for temporary off grid use at cabins, tiny homes, or at home. Charges via solar panels, sold separately.

4x longer life cycle

The HOME Power Mini 1.5kWh cutting edge LiFePO4 battery blows away the competition with more than 2500 full charge cycles. Even with daily full discharges and recharges, that adds up to around 8-10 years of juice for your home. At 300 charges for Lead Acid batteries and 700 for Lithium Ion batteries, Humless’ Lithium LiFe technology gets you 4x the cycles at a fraction of the cost per cycle.

⅓ the mass & weight

With such a massive shelf life, you’d think the HOME Power Mini would be pretty bulky. But that’s not the case—our LiFe batteries come in at roughly ⅓ the size of Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries. Its size and simplicity make installing the Mini a breeze, allowing you to tuck your home’s power source out of sight and out of mind in ways that other batteries just can’t.


The HOME mini’s LiFe battery keeps you and your family safer than other types of batteries in a big way. Lead Acid batteries are known to leak harmful gas, while Lithium Ion batteries are capable of bursting into flames—not exactly what you want from your home’s power source. Why sacrifice safety when you can have it all with the HOME mini?

Holds Charge While Neglected

Many other kinds of batteries slowly lose their charge as days go by without use. Lead Acid batteries need monthly maintenance just to retain their charging capability, which is a major annoyance. The Lithium LiFe battery inside every Mini never needs maintenance, holding on tight to your hard-earned energy for whenever you need it.

No Charge Memory

When we talk about charge memory, we’re referring to the tendency of batteries to “remember” when they haven’t been discharged completely between each recharge. Over time, these batteries aren’t able to fill up to their maximum capacity, and need to be replaced far too soon. Our LiFe batteries don’t care whether you use 50% or 100% of your power between recharges—they always fill back up to their manufactured max capacity.

Advanced Battery Management
Demystify your home energy setup with our advanced battery management system. You’ll stay up to date on all the vital metrics of your power unit, including real time data like available power, usage statistics, system health and more on a handy LCD screen. Now you have the power to glimpse behind the scenes at what makes your battery tick, rather than relying on guesswork to keep your home powered up.

Storage: 1.5 kWh (1500 Watt Hours)
Cycle Life: 3,500+ cycles (daily use ~9.5 yrs)
Size: 20 x 13 x 12 inches
Weight: 82 lbs
Inputs: 90~285V AC Charging • 12~80V DC Charging
Outputs: 1.5 kW • 120/240Vac
Warranty: 3 Year

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