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MAXSA Off Grid 150 LED 788 Lumina Solar Powered Security Floodlight

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MAXSA 150 LED 788 Lumina Off Grid Solar Powered Security Floodlight

The MAXSA Innovations 150 LED Solar-Powered Security Floodlight with 788 Lumina is one of the brightest motion-activated floodlights on the market. Encased in durable weatherproof housing, this all-weather flood light is an excellent choice for large coverage areas requiring outdoor night lighting, such as driveways, decks, yards and more.

Features an amorphous solar panel that works even in cloudy conditions to power the internal 3.7V/4.4Ah rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

Fully Adjustable Settings -This light is fully programmable to suit your needs. Set the duration of the illumination from ten seconds to one minute. The motion-sensitivity and light sensitivity can also be adjusted by simply turning the knobs. Activates up to 80 times when on for 60 seconds at a time. 

The solar panel can be positioned to receive the most sunlight whether mounted on rooftops or the sides of buildings. The solar panel has an adjustable base so it can be used on both flat and angled locations.

Easy DIY Installation with just a screwdriver.

Includes 15ft cable for flexible installation.

Silver finish.