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SolPro Solarpod 240 with 60W 12V Folding Rigid Solar Panel

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    Solarpod 240 BUNDLE with 60W 12V Folding Rigid Solar Panel | Off Grid Survival

    The revolutionary Solarpod 240 Grey and White with 60W 12V Folding Rigid Solar Panel Visual Packaging combines two great products to complete your off-grid solar generator system.

    Solarpod 240 is a portable LiFePO4 (lithium iron) ultra-compact and lightweight solar power station with more than enough to support your major electronic devices and camp lights. With a rated output of 400 watts modified sine wave, you can get about 7 hours of additional laptop usage.

    To use the solar panel, simply unfold and place in the sun. Angle the feet to match the exact direction of the sun's ray. Connect to the SolarPod 240 with included cables. 

    The Solarpod 240 does not have a solar charge controller, however it has a built-in battery protection circuit that prevents one from hooking up too much power. This portable power station can be recharged by AC, your car's battery or by using the MC4/DC-in adapter for compatible solar panels at 60W or 65W (sold separately).

    Paired with the powerful Solarpod 60W Solar Panel you can recharge the Solarpod 240 in 5 hours of direct sunlight. 

    One full charge of the Solarpod 240 can:

    • Recharge a smartphone up to 31 times, or
    • Recharge USB cameras up to 28 times, or
    • Recharge tablets up to 7 times, or
    • Recharge laptops up to 4 times.

    SolarPod 240

    Product Weight: 4.3 kg / 9.5 lbs

    Dimensions: 255 x 195 x 110 mm / 10” x 7.7” x 4.3

    Power Capacity: 12V 20Ah / 240Wh

    Rated Input: DC 14.6V / 5A (10A Max)

    Rated Output: 400W Modified Sine Wave with one 110V or 230V electrical outlet

    12V 15A car adaptor &

    Two 5V 2A USB ports

    Charging time : 4½ hours by AC/DC adapter, 5 hours by one 60W solar panel (under optimal sunlight conditions), 10 hours by DC car adapter

    Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery

    Life-span : 2000+ cycles 

    Solarpod 60-Watt/12-Volt Foldable Solar Panel 

    Multifold solar array

    Weight: 3.5lbs

    Rated output: 60W/12V with max voltage of 18V

    Dim (open): .63"H x 54"W x 18"D

    Includes charging cables