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SunPower 100W, 200W, 400W RV/Marine Off Grid Flexible Solar Power Kit

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    SunPower 200W RV and Marine Off Grid Flexible Solar Panel Solar Power Kit

    Comprehensive, all-inclusive off grid 100W, 200W, or 400W solar power kit for RV and Marine installations using SunPower SPR-E-Flex-100 Flexible 100W solar panels, and MidNite Solar charge controller, breaker, breaker box, and battery temperature sensor.  Cables, double entry gland, and unlocking tool.  This kit also includes a complete solar electrical design diagram to guide your installation with ease.

    Everything you need in a single package, ready to go for your boat or RV solar panels installation! 

    PLEASE NOTE: Before purchase, please determine whether or not your RV is already equipped with an inverter if you plan to run any 120V appliances off your solar kit. Inverters convert 12V current to 120V, and are sold separately.  Need help? Contact Us with any questions, and we will get you safely set up to meet your needs.

    The 100W SunPower Kit is ideal for smaller power needs and works well for charging 12V batteries or running small electrical appliances if used in conjunction with an inverter.  This kit includes slightly varied components, to include: 

    x1 - SunPower SPRE-E-Flex 100W Solar Panel
    x1 - Link Solar ABS Double Entry Gland for All Cables for RV & Boat Racking 
    x1 - MidNite Solar MNBRATKIT Charge Controller
    x1 - Morningstar Corp Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS)
    x1 - Four Star Solar MC4 10 AWG - 30' Cable Extension
    x1 - Electrical Design Diagram
    x1 - Multi-Contact USA MC4 Unlocking Tool

    The 200W SunPower RV and Marine Off Grid Flexible Panel Solar Power Kit includes the components listed below. 

    Made with SunPower’s highest power Gen II back contact cells, SunPower’s flexible panels deliver the highest power output and the highest charging capacity in their product class. SunPower’s panels are constructed with top-grade, light-weight polymer materials, allowing for easy transport, installation and panel flexing up to 30 degrees.
    SunPower's SPR-E-Flex solar panels are designed for toughness.  The SunPower Maxeon Solar Cell is the only cell built on a solid copper foundation. Flexible panels made with SunPower cells are resistant to power loss via cracking and corrosion, unlike conventional cells, which are much more likely to lose power when bent or subjected to a moist environment. SunPower flexible panels are the #1 choice for customers due to the combination of high power and cell ruggedness.

    SunPower's SPR-E-Flex Solar Panel Features & Attributes

    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 45.87 × 22.4 × .8 inches
    • Weight: 4.4 lbs
    • Lightweight and flexible
    • Flexes up to 30 degrees
    • MC4-compatible connector cables

    x 1 - Link Solar ABS Double Entry Gland for All Cables for RV & Boat

    Link Solar’s ABS double cable entry gland can be used to pass PV wire and other cable through a surface, into a motorhome or boat. These are ideal for securely routing PV wire through the rooftop of an RV.

    The PG13.5 cable glands work with our MC4 PV wire or any other cable with a diameter in the range of 6-11mm. These are easy to install while still offering protection from leaks and are a great addition to any RV or marine system.

    ABS Double Entry Gland Features & Attributes

    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.4 × 2.1 × 2.1 inches
    • Weight: .19 lbs
    • PG13.5 junction box
    • Includes ABS box and two cable glands for PV wire positive and negative
    • Sealant not included, see manufacturer's recommended sealant depending on the surface 

    x 1 - Electrical Design Diagram

    Clearly understand how to install your SunPower 200W RV and Marine Off Grid Flexible Panel Solar Power Kit according to all manufacturers' specifications to ensure safety and maximum functionality.

    x 2 - MidNite Solar MNEPV-30 Breaker

    This breaker for E-Panel, MNDC, Combiners and Baby Boxes is an important part of any power system. The MNEPV-30 is a 150VDC din rail mount breaker with 30amps, making it superior to other CBI QY breakers. 

    MNEPV-30 Features & Attributes

    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 2.9 × 4.7 × .5 inches
    • Weight: .25 lbs

    x 1 - MidNite Solar MNBB Big Baby Box

    The Big Baby Box allows for an ETL listed 4-position din rail box. It also includes a ground box lug and mounting provisions for a short insulated bus bar as well as a ground bus bar.

    Big Baby Box Features & Attributes

    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 8 × 5 × 3 inches
    • Weight: 3 lbs
    • Enclosure for retrofits, small inverter disconnect and PV disconnect
    • Holds up to 4 13mm wide din rail breakers from 1-63 amps

    x 1 - MidNite Solar Midnite MNBTS Battery Temperature Sensor

    This battery temperature sensor will help to maximize performance for your inverter or charge controller. This sensor is attached to a 15' cable.

    x 1 - Four Star Solar MC4 10 AWG - 50' Cable Extension

    MC4 Extension Cables have newer, snap-together multi-contact hard plastic connectors on each end. You can use these output cables between PV arrays with multi-contact cable outputs and junction boxes or grid-tie inverters.

    Our MC4 cables have a male connector on one end and a female connector on the other end. You can use them to extend module output cables or you can cut anywhere along the wire to obtain the needed length of male and female cable to run from the ends of a module string to a combiner box or to an inverter. For example, if you need a 30’ male and a 20’ female, order a 50’ cable.

    Made with black #10 AWG USE-2 sunlight resistant cable.

    x 1 - MidNite Solar Kid 30A MPPT MNKID-B - Black Charge Controller

    MidNite Solar's The KID 30A MPPT charge controller is ideal for small PV-powered renewable energy systems. As your energy needs grow, add a second KID in parallel for twice the power from a single array. This versatile charge controller works with your 72 cell modules or 60 cell modules. The KID is the only medium-sized charge controller to meet NEC 2011 requirements.

    Great for marine applications. The marine models (MN-KID-M-W and MN-KID-M-B) come with a mounting bracket, 4' of flexible conduit and extra protection against moisture, dust, chemicals and extreme temperatures. The compact size of the KID, 9.25" x 3.3125" x 6.5625" (W x H x D), fits great in tight quarters.

    MidNite Solar's The KID 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Features & Attributes

    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.5 × 6.6 × 3.4 inches
    • Weight: 6 lbs
    • Battery Voltage 12V-48V
    • Battery Voltage Range 9V-64V
    • HyperVOC mode (add the battery voltage to the operating voltage for VOC rating)
    • LCD plus LED status lights
    • 5 year warranty
    • Operates in a wide range on temps. (-40°C to 50°C)
    • Input and output can be paralleled with another KID unit
    • Quiet - no fan
    • Sealed for harsh environments
    • Reverse polarity protected
    • MPPT Tracking
    • MPN: MNKID-B

    x 1 - Multi-Contact USA MC4 Unlocking Tool

    Multi-Contact PV-MS (32.6024) unlocking tool for MC4 cable connectors.

    x2 - PV Splice Connector - 3 Port - 18-10AWG (400W Kit Only)

    Basic three-port splice connector able to accomodate wire sizes ranging from 10 to 18 AWG. Rated for 30a 300v for outdoor applications. These splices are especially useful for wiring two PV panels together in parallel (requires two Splice Connectors.)

    Features & Attributes

    • UL 486C listed
    • 30 amps 300 volt max
    • 18-10 AWG wire
    • Three ports
    • Outdoor rated

    The 400W SunPower Kit includes all of the components for the 200W solar power kit, plus

    2 additional SunPower SPRE-E-Flex 100 Flexible 100 watt solar panels (total 400W),

    2 of the Four Star Solar MC4 10 AWG - 50' Cable Extensions, and

    2 Busbar PV Splice Connector - 3 Port - 18-10AWG

    Ships to all 50 States and US Territories only. 

    NO RETURN POLICY:  SunPower solar panels and associated solar power kits are subject to a strict no-return policy.  Please be certain of your install requirements, and other solar installation product compatibility issues prior to purchase. Claims for damage during shipment must be documented via photography and made directly with the shipping carrier within 24 hours of delivery. Solar Sporting Goods will insure your deliveries and assist with damage claims to the extent possible.