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Tycon Dual Input 24V 8A Solar Charge Controller with 24V PoE, 60W

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Tycon Power PoE/ 8A Dual Input Solar Battery Charge Controller for 24V Battery; 24V Passive PoE out. Up to 270W panel. 2.6A PoE Input. 60W Total Output.

Tycon Power Systems PoE/Solar charge controllers have dual inputs to charge batteries from a PoE source and also a secondary source like solar panels in order to provide redundancy and insure 100% uptime for critical applications.

The solar input can handle up to 8A. The PoE input up to 2.6A. They have a built in PoE inserter that delivers 24V 1A at the PoE out port. They also have a secondary wire terminal 24V 1.5A output. They have full electronic protections for short circuit, reverse current, overvoltage, overcharge and over discharge.

The built-in overdischarge protection and low self consumption ensures the battery is not overdischarged, which greatly increases the life of the batteries.

They have five LED indicators to give a quick visual status if current is being supplied by a PoE source or solar panel, if battery is charging, If load output is turned on and a warning if battery is connected with reverse polarity.

Solar and Battery Connections are via 4 wire terminals for wire size up to 12AWG. PoE Input and Output is via 2 RJ45 shielded connectors.

The controllers are externally fused with a standard replaceable fuse.

Size: 159 x 118 x 40mm (6.3 x 4.6 x 1.6”)
Weight: 312 g (11 oz )

TP-SCPOE-2424-HP Charge Controller Spec Sheet

TP-SCPOE-24XX-H User Manual